Our Quality Policy
Our company is an organization operating in the field of machining. We attach great importance to quality in order to meet the needs of our customers in the best way possible and to offer products that exceed their expectations.
We are constantly striving to improve ourselves and further increase our quality. To this end, we closely follow technological developments and put innovations into practice. We also invest in the training and development of our employees and increase their contribution to quality.
Mission and Vision
Our mission is to respond to our customers’ needs and expectations in the best possible way by providing them with high quality machining products and services.
Our vision is to be a leading organization in the field of machining and to add value to our customers, employees and society.
Our Quality Goals
In line with our quality policy, we have set the following quality targets:
  • To always meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • To continuously improve the quality of our products.
  • Increasing our employees’ participation in quality.
  • Improving cooperation with our suppliers and other stakeholders.
To achieve these quality goals, we adopt the following principles:
  • Management support: Quality is one of our company’s top priorities and is fully supported by our management.
  • Education and awareness: We strive to train all our employees on quality and raise their awareness.
  • Documentation: Our quality processes and standards are clearly defined and documented.
  • Control and measurement: We use effective systems to control and measure our quality.
  • Corrective and preventive actions: We continuously carry out corrective and preventive actions to prevent errors and improve our quality.

Quality Certificates

General Information

Personnel Status
  • Mechanical Engineer: 2 Person
  • Technical Draftsman: 3 Person
  • Master Trainer: 4 Person
  • Master: 16 Person
  • Other: 5 People
Workplace Use Area
  • 250 m² Closed Area (Machining)
  • 200 m² Open Area (Machining)
  • 150 m² Closed Area 100 m2 (Steel Construction)
  • 100 m² Open Area (Steel Construction)

Machine Park

AçıklamaÇap (mm)Boy
CNC Dik Torna C EksenliØ 1200600 mm
CNC Yatay TornaØ 5001 m
Universal Torna 1Ø 5503 m
Universal Torna 2Ø 7002 m
Universal Torna 3Ø 7003 m
Universal Torna 4Ø 12003 m
Universal Torna 5Ø 7005 m
CNC İşleme Merkezi2000 mm – 850 mm
CNC İşleme Merkezi850 mm – 600 mm
Universal Freze 1 1500 mm – 500 mm
Universal Freze 2 1000 mm – 450 mm
AçıklamaÇıkma Boyu
Universal Planya 1900 mm
Radyal Matkap10 mm – 60 mm
Şahin Matkap0.5 mm – 10 mm
Otomatik Testere250 mm
Kaynak Makinesi (Ark)
Kaynak Makinesi (Mig-Mag)
Elektronik KumpasÇeşitli Ebatlarda
Mekanik Kumpas ve MikrometreÇeşitli Ebatlarda